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About Us

Hi Everyone,

As Go Vegan Love founder, musician, entrepreneur, and animal lover, I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself and the inspiration for starting this venture.

Go Vegan Love was created out of the love we have for Earth, Animals, and Humans. Our goal is to provide information and products that assist people in achieving and maintaining a plant-based diet and lifestyle.

I was inspired in 2017 to "Go Vegan" after watching a program on Netflix entitled "What The Health" by filmmaker Kip Andersen where Kip address his believe that a plant-based diet is the secret to preventing and even reversing chronic diseases. Kip also investigates why Americas leading health organizations don't want people to know about the health issues caused by eating animals. You can find further information about the film at the official website. I was seriously addicted to cheese and eggs (I would eat a cheesy-egg sandwich almost every morning for breakfast!!), and also would love my Starbucks Latte or Cappuccino, but I wanted to try to go without dairy because, dairy was negatively affecting my sinuses and I would quite often get stuffed-up and sick. Any singer would tell you that you need to be able to breathe to sing!

So, after 'going vegan' I quickly realized the following health benefits and wanted to share my experience with the world in hopes that others would try and experience the same health benefits by eating a plant-based diet. Once I went vegan (which was not exactly easy, but also not too hard knowing that eating a plant-based diet was making me feel better all the time), I noticed that:

  • Eating a plant based-diet or 'vegan diet' was easier on my digestion (I felt less of that crappy-full feeling after a meal - even a large meal of vegetables, beans, etc I felt good)
  • Avoiding dairy improved my sinuses to where I have never had problems breathing since mid 2017!
  • Eating a plant-based or 'vegan' diet has drastically improved my overall health and I have not been sick to the same extent I ever was when I was eating meat and dairy. It is astonishing how much better I feel all the time! Since 2017 I have probably been sick with a cold/flu only one time that I can remember.
  • Eating a plant-based or 'vegan' diet has given me a lot more energy and I feel better and look better (skin tone and quality) as a result.

After a few months of not eating animals I started to realize that it is such an easy thing to go without (you may not think so at first but that's why I'm here to help you - if I can do it you can too!). Once you realize you don't NEED meat or dairy to survive, and not only that you FEEL A MILLION TIMES BETTER, you start to think about the cruelty aspect of eating meat and dairy.  When you are conscious of that part of the equation, you start to feel better about your choice to not be part of the cruelty and your conscience is directed toward being a more compassionate human.  This part has been the most transforming for me. I don't want to get to 'preachy' here so I will let you find this out as you travel on your journey to switching to a more healthy plant-based diet, or even a full vegan-diet / vegan lifestyle. 

If you choose to switch to a plant-based or vegan diet for your own health benefits (as I did initially), that's perfectly okay.  What's most important is that you will feel better and more healthy eating less meat and dairy (or better yet NO meat/dairy), and you will see amazing long-term benefits as you progress.

We are here to help you, inspire you, and grow with you, in our mutual love of this Earth and all the creatures who inhabit it.

Yours Sincerely,